Blueberry Jam

A strain that stands the test of time, cherished for its rich heritage and deeply calming indica experience. Its flavors evoke the essence of preserved blueberries, fruit leather, honey, and a unique blend of skunk and cream, with an underlying note of the iconic UK cheese funk. This strain shines with its dominant presence of myrcene, delivering a truly exquisite and refined cannabis encounter.

Honey Dew

Is your sweet and juicy sativa snack on a hot summer day. This 2019 and 2021 Emerald Cup Award winner boasts a truly unique sugary melon flavor that will linger on your tongue and last till the final puff. With potency inherited from its parent Magic Wand, this is the perfect strain for your Sunday chores or your next brainstorming session. Stimulating focus that will make you want to tackle that to-do list.

Rose Petal

In need of sweet relief? This indica dominant strain has an alluring floral smell reminding you to stop and smell the roses. Deeply soothing, you will find yourself seeking all things chill to channel this delicate yet potent flower. Whether it’s a luscious bath or a night of tv on the couch, you can trust that Rose Petal will lead you into a night of relaxation.

Blueberry Jam Honey Dew Rose Petal
Blueberry Jam Honey Dew Rose Petal

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