Join us in our journey to bring cannabis medicine to the people and experience the power of nature.

Welcome to Kurated Cannabis, where our mission is to bring natural and effective wellness solutions to the masses. We embody the essence of nature and strive for a harmonious connection with the earth, preserving the natural elements and intent of our products.

With a commitment to sustainable, high-quality products and equity empowerment, Kurated is dedicated to bringing the best possible experience to its customers, making it a top choice for cannabis enthusiasts in the Golden State.

With a focus on small farm infusion and equity empowerment, we guarantee the highest quality cannabis products for all to access as medicine. Our brand embraces the ancient Egyptian term, Ntr, meaning nature, and is dedicated to providing the best possible experience for our customers.

As farm cultivators with over 15 years of experience, we grow some of the best cannabis in California and offer a diverse variety of products, including flower, pre-rolls, tinctures, CBD, edibles, and more.

Meet Doobie the founder of Kurated

Douglas (Doobie) Stewart, is the founder and is a social equity owner based in Oakland, California with a sincere passion for cannabis education, culture, equity and premium experiences. Stewart started his business with a vision to help people understand the therapeutic and medicinal benefits of cannabis and the genuine opportunity for everyone to have access, an understanding and connection to the medicine. “Medicine 4 the Masses
As a licensed micro-business owner, Kurated offers a variety of cannabis solutions and products and strives to bring the highest quality medicine and people to the forefront.
“Through education, accessibility, and innovation, we can change the conversation around cannabis and unlock its true potential for the betterment and healing of society.” Douglas (Doobie) Stewart

Experience the Best of Cannabis with Kurated

At Kurated, we are committed to providing sustainable and high-quality cannabis products that bring the best possible experience to our customers. As a top choice for cannabis enthusiasts in the Golden State, we are dedicated to equity empowerment and ensuring that everyone has access to the best possible products.

c Dedicated to equity empowerment

c High-quality cannabis experience

c Committed to customers

c Top choice for enthusiasts

c Sustainable cannabis products

c Accessible to everyone

c Best possible cannabis products

c Focus on quality and sustainability

c Golden State cannabis brand

c Customer-centric approach

Made for the People, by the People. Kurated
Made for the People, by the People. Kurated
Founded 2010

Oakland Califonia "Medicine 4 the Masses

Experience the Healing Power of Cannabis with Our Affordable and Accessible Products.

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