Douglas (Doobie)

Known for his vibrant and intricate mixed artwork, Doobie is inspired by the music, culture, and history of his town of Oakland, California.

Timothy B

Timothy is a contemporary artist whose work combines elements of pop art, street art, and graphic design. He is known for his colorful and playful interpretations of popular culture.

Charles Curtis Blackwell

Charles is a self-taught artist whose work explores themes of identity, race, and social justice. His mixed media pieces incorporate found objects and materials to create thought-provoking and powerful statements.

Ke'ena Romano

A multidisciplinary artist, Ke'ena works in a variety of mediums, including painting, drawing, and sculpture. Her work often explores themes of spirituality, identity, and the natural world.

Eddie Cola

An abstract expressionist painter, Dorris creates large-scale canvases that are characterized by bold brushstrokes and vibrant colors.

Dorris Marie

A visionary painter who defies the boundaries of traditional art forms by merging the realms of painting and poetry. With her extraordinary talent and boundless imagination, she breathes life into ancient verses, transforming them into vibrant visual masterpieces.

Showcasing the Transformative Power of Art

Kurated aims to demonstrate solidarity with local artists and their creative abilities by showcasing their work. Some of the talented artists whose work we are excited to exhibit include Douglas (Doobie) Stewart, Dorris Stewart, Timothy B Art, Charles Curtis Blackwell, Ke’ena Romano, and Eddie Cola. We strongly believe in the transformative power of art and its ability to make a positive impact.

c Emotional expression: Express with art.

c Stress relief: Art reduces stress.

c Improved cognitive function: Art boosts cognition.

c Enhanced creativity: Creative with cannabis.

c Increased sensory perception: Cannabis heightens senses.

c Inspiration: Cannabis inspires creativity.

c Community building: Cannabis builds community.

c Personal growth: Art inspires growth.

c Cultural awareness: Art promotes culture.

c Golden State Cannabis Art

Made for the People, by the People. Kurated
Made for the People, by the People. Kurated

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